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    QA: client pc raised a message when accessing the website via ISA server


      hi team,


      i have a web-gw issue need your help. thanks.


      WEB-GW 7.2

      McAfee Plugins for ISA 1.4

      ISA 2004


      for issue :


      now our web-gw running on proxy mode and enabled ICAP server feature. then installed the McAfee Plugins for ISA on ISA server as a ICAP client.  let all the WEB traffic redirect to WEB-GW . it works well.  we also  enabled the "bypasss on failure" function on mcafee plugins. we let the web-gw down then all traffic back to original line. but we faced a issue that  it came the below message when access the websites on client PC. i tested it on my lab, i can reproduced this issue . my customer do not want to show this on client pc when the web-gw down. May i know what is the root cause and how to fix it ?





      please check my config from ISA as below, the ip address is the web-gw and enabled the "bypass on failure" feature.




      we let the web-gw down or disable ICAP server feature on web-gw. then the client pc keep accessed the websites fine and we can see all ICAP packet sent to WEB-GW failed. but the message is displayed on the website.  if we disable reqmod and respmod on Plugins, then issue gone.