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    Anti Virus Plus Security Centre won't open or update in Windows 8



      The Security Centre icon doesn't open in Windows 8. The tray icon has also disappeared, and there hasn't been any new updates for a while. At the same time, no other apps are able to update either - i.e: Windows update, Vaio, Java, etc. Java was automatically updating, and I've just had to install the latest version manually. But, the problem still persists. I've uninstalled and reinstalled McAfee, and while that fixed the problem for a short while, it then reverted back to not opening.


      I've run Virtual Tech, and the results are:


      Virus Scan 16.1.144 - Problem: Language is not supported.


      Security Centre 12.1.253 - Problem: Missing/Corrupt COM components.




      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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