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    McAfee Pop Up - You are downloading: securedownload?


      I have AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee.  I am using IE 9.0 64-bit.  Using AT&T web mail downloading a file I get the Dangerous Download warning message.  Before the download begin, AT&T using Norton says the file is virus free.  The McAfee graphic looks bogus to me.  I fowarded the attachment to another of my email addresses and using Outlook as my mail reader I download the attachment and McAfee reports no issues with the file.


      I rebooted in SAFE mode and ran the STINGER program.  No issues found.

      Rebooted and did a complete McAfee scan.  No issues found.

      Downloaded malwarebytes and ran a scan.  Again no issues found.


      The file is not infected, but the McAfee pop up using webmail application says it is...


      I did not cut off the graphic... below is exactly how it appears on my screen.


      Any idea what I should try next?





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