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    Home network defense


      I have really exausted all my tries, I installed 2 time now, windowsxp- pc- working fine except under Home network Defence all I get is a blank page- On my windows 7, no problem shows everything being protected. I checked one pc settings against the other and can see some items missing in xp settings. tried Vt, will not run, stops as usualin file lock-green bar keeps running and running. I really hate to do another re install, I even added the correct numers for my wireless etc.Poodles5

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          This has also been reported by others in THIS thread.   I think the best thing to do is to open a case with Technical Support, it's free by phone or online chat and you can reach them through Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Meanwhile it is a subject for the agenda of our next conference call with Mcafee on Monday afternoon.






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            Richard Roberts

            I have same problem received private message from support on jan 22 requesting information which I provided they were supposed to provide some files for me to create log files. But it has never happened. I have requested update twice to let me know what is happening but have received no response.

            Not too impressed with customer service.

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              Phone Technical Support, it's a free call, if that's inconvenient or impossible, use the online chat, give them your case ID # and ask for the call back to be expedited.   They probably got tied up on a prior case, that's what usually happens.

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                I am sorry to hear you have had a bit of trouble communicating with the customer service. I am a McAfee developer. I work on the Home Network product. We are aware of this problem, and we discovered a bug in our code that we recently addressed and fixed. We will be pushing the solution out in the near future. Since this problem is not consistent and only happens in certain rare scenarios, we are still curious to hear users' feedback and request log information so we increase our confidence in the solution. So I will personally communicate with you to send you some files so you can send us some log files if you still have this blank UI problem. I will private message you right away.

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                  When do you anticipate having this solution posted for download?  I've installed and reinstalled Total Protection til I'm fed up with that "solution"!

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                    The solution will be pushed out as part of the next update. I am unable to give you an exact date as we have internal mechanisms that the update has to go through before everyone will receive the update.

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                      We have a solution that will fix the blank UI problem. The solution will be pushed out with the next update in the near future. However, feel free to private message me, and I will assist you to solve this issue. Please provide me with your email address in your message.

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                        THis is now march 18',th,when will home network be fixed?poodles 5

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                          We do have a fix for this problem and it will be pushed out with the next update. We can still give you a private build as we offered previously however my inclination is not to do so at this late date as the update is pending.