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    McAffee GetSusp found SPROTECTOR.DL_, I deleted program file


      Hi there,

      Problems started after Eldest Child used torrent sites to download books for a Christmas e-reader gift for me. ("I've never had a problems with these sites")

      Microsoft Security Essentials found Adware: Win 32/Fast Save App on Jan 23, and I deleted it. I used McAfee GetSusp on the 24th to search further, finding SPROTECTOR in a C:\ProgramFiles(x86\SOFTQUICK).  I knew the SOFTQUICK had been hijacking searches, so I went to the C: and deleted the file. I am working with a Microsoft advisor via email using  this old computer, to solve more unwanted Browser Helper Object problems .    So I have 2 questions related to McAfee:


      1. Should deleting the Program File from C: Program Files have removed the malware GetSusp listed?

      2. I am now running McAfee  free and Microsoft Security Essentials on the affected computer. Is there an issue having them both running?


      Thanks for any advice.


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          GetSusp is not a malware removal tool per se, it merely detects suspicious entities and submits them for analysis to McAfee Labs.


          By McAfee Free do you mean McAfee Antivirus courtesy of your ISP or PC maker?


          There is danger running 2 antivirus applications together, yes, as they can cancel each other out.  Decide which one you want to keep and uninstall the other one.


          You can however run some anti-malware or anti-spyware software and I list a few I would recommend in the last link in my signature below.


          I recommend you run Stinger and MalwareBytes Free both listed in that link.


          Deleting from Program Files only partially removes something and could present problems later on with removal being foiled by missing elements of the software/malware.  If they aren't listed in Programs in Cointrol Panel for normal remova; then leave the removal to something like the tools I mentioned.


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            Thanks Ex_Brit,

            I will go with one of the removers listed in the link. I was just very frustrated with the problems and deleted the SOFTQUICK from program files sort of knowing you shouldn't mess with program files unless you really know what you are doing. Hopefully it won't muck thinks up.