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    File system saturation in \opt for abnormal log activity StandardProxy_access.log


      Hi all,


      Since yesterday I have a problem in a node with 3 appliance MWG 7.2 in balancing with F5. We had a Filesystem usage on /opt exceeds selected limit (96% / 90%) and the system utilization is very high and hard disk is close to saturation.


      I notice that we've a lot of request per second (espiacially in first of the 3 appliance), we have just deleted the older standardproxy_access.log in order to restore  the right amount of available disk space. Now we have around 800 request per second for each of the 3 appliances and got a standardprosy_access.log of 100Mb every 10 minutes!!!


      Any suggestion???? Someone can tell me what is it happening??


      I've attached a tcpdump, feedback and sample of log


      Thanks a lot!!!