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    McAfee Move - Virtual Servers vs VDI & Scheduler


      I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can help clear up for me like so many other times here recently.  We're in the process of switching all of our Virtual Servers over to MOVE instead of VSE.  This is still a trial, however I'm almost positive it's going to stick around since we're also about to start a VDI proof of concept.


      Here are my questions:


      For the current deployment to virtual machines, we're running the MOVE Multi-Platform v2.6.  We've got the Offload Scanner setup and it appears to be functioning normally.  What I'm curious about is the scheduler.  It seems as if the MOVE Scheduler is not intended to be used for this setup since it doesn't really meantion the Offload Scanner anywhere in the product guide.  Am I missing something?


      Also, when it comes to VDI, many portions of the MOVE documentation (including website knowledgebase articles) mention MOVE AV for Virtual Desktops and MOVE AV for Virtual Servers as being seperate products.  Is this true?  If so, which version of the trial is offered via the McAfee website?  Is there a different configuration for VDI as compared to Virtual Servers?


      Maybe I just didn't read through everything thoroughly enough, but it seems that the documentation for the overall MOVE AV solution is ambiguous and contradictory at points.  Anyway, thanks in advance for any and all help you can provide!



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          Hi Trevor,


          I'm have the same questions, as we are also considering migrating to MOVE for Virtual Servers. (already using MOVE for Virtual Desktops Multi Platform,and is working well).


          I may be wrong, but the way I have interpreted things is there is no seperate MOVE agent for servers, but only differs at the licensing level; where MOVE for desktops is licensed per VDI machine, MOVE for servers is license per physical hypervisor.


          I would be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on the scheduler component, and if this is actually required.