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    explanation about extension




      i'm not totally sur of roles of extensions in the EPO.

      I'm a little lost with the extension part and the software manager.


      As i understood... I need to put the product i use in the check in part (in the software manager) and in a second time, download the extension of theses products contained in the manager and then upload them in the extension part (is that clear what i say ?)


      But i just put the quarantine manager in the check in software manager to test it, and it appear automatically in the extension...

      It's not clear for me


      Thanks for your explanations



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          Extensions are what allow ePO to interact with a product: the package is what ePO can deploy to the client machines to install the product. Most products have two extensions: a "management" extension, which allows ePO to create policies and tasks for the product, and a "reporting" extension, which allows ePO to understand the events and messages that the point product sends back.


          So, if you want ePO to be able to control a product, check in the extensions for that product.

          If you want ePO to be able to install the product as well, check in the package.


          HTH -