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    USB keyboard problems at pre-boot - HP2560p


      Since about a year we've EEPC 6.1.1. in use.

      Suddenly more and more users are reporting problems with the password input in the the pre-boot enviroment.

      The input is often not recognised or get stuck after a few symbols.

      Also the ESC key is not working anymore.

      Now they need to turn off and on their notebooks several times until they can completely type in their passwords.


      All these problems apply to the HP Elitebook 2560p notebook series.

      In the meantime we've already flashed the latest bios version (F.2a) und updated one test user notebook with EEPC 6.2.1.

      The problems are remaning the same.

      I've now also already tried the 'always enable pre-boot USB support' without any sucess...



      EPO 4.5.6



      EE Agent /

      EEPC /


      Any ideas??


      on 29.01.13 02:58:17 CST
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          No one out there with the same or similar problems??

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            Does it occur using the native keyboard on the laptop?  Is the laptop in a docking station?  Is the keyboard connected to the laptop or a dock?

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              Hi touch0ph, many thanks for your answers.

              So far as I know does it work with the native internal laptop keyboard.

              Yes, the laptop is in a docking station and the external keyboard is connected to the dock.


              As I said, it worked in this constellation over a year without any troubles and suddenly these problems occur without any hardware change!

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                Maybe a HP update changed something in the docking station?


                Something to look for is whether the device is plugged into a USB3 or USB2 controller - EEPC's pre-boot only supports USB2 AFAIK.

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                  Just a few more questions:


                  Does everyone have the same external USB keyboard?  Have you tried any other keyboards?

                  Have you tried this with a keyboard that plugged directly into the laptop?  What kind of results do you get?

                  Are these docking stations or port replicators?  Is there any updates for the docking station (not that I've ever seen but its worth a try).

                  What OS's do these laptops run?


                  In my expierence the USB support in the PBA is flaky at best.  I have similar issues with customers external mice jumping from one location to another distant location on the screen.  Also having trouble with iPhones and iPads plugged in while the PBA is starting.

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                    We are having a similar issuewith USB keyboards plugged into a port replicator with our Dell E serieslaptops (E6410, E6420, E6430).  The caps lock light never illuminates,however caps lock actually turns on if pressed.  The only way you can tellif caps lock is on is to type in the username field. 


                    Our bigger problem right now is with USB mice not working at preboot for the new E6430, E6330 and E6530 laptops regardless of whether it is plugged into the port replicator or directly into the laptop.  We have tried the workaround in KB76631 just in case it would also work for an older version of EEPC and we enabled preboot USB support in the product policy, but nothing seems to work.  We are still on EEPC 6.1.3 with hotfix.

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                      Hi all, sorry for my late anwers but the last weeks were very busy.



                      The external keyboards are conntected on USB 2 connectors since over 1 year and nothing was changed.



                      Yes, everyone has the same external wireless keyboard and they have it in use over a year.

                      Directly plugged into the laptop is exactly the same.

                      They have docking stations in use and I've also never heard from an update.

                      OS is Windows 7.


                      Today I've had a telephone call again with one of the affected users and she has still the problem.

                      The internal notebook keyboard works pretty well in the PBA and so I told her to use this as a workaround for the moment.


                      Has anyone already tested EEPC 7.0?

                      I am still looking for a solution!!


                      on 2/18/13 7:03:01 AM CST
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                        Wireless keyboards - interesting.   I do have a small population of users that have brought their own wireless mice and it basically does not fuction well - the cursor jumps about 3-4 inches on the screen with slight movement.  Happens for some wired mice too.  No wireless keyboards here.


                        I haven't tested EEPC 7.0.  I have no idea how to test with it without upgrading the existing version that 's getting distributed.


                        Are these older wireless keyboards (5+ years) or are they rather new?  Do you have any other brand/model of wireless keyboard to test with?