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    Windows 7 unable to start after pre-boot installation was interrupted

      we are using McAfee EE ver 5.2.4


      while installing EE during the pre-boot installation phase, the PC was accidentally rebooted, i,e. the pre-boot installation was probably not completed. After restart, it was not able to boot to windows 7 (missing OS). There was no EE login authentication too.


      Using the Windows Recovery option of the laptop, i am able to see a Windows 7 installation but the partition size is 0mb.


      I boot up with WinTech CD, but using "authenticate from SBFS" gives the error 0xe0050001, so i used the sdb file instead.


      After authentication and authorization, Disk Information shows error e002000a, but i am able to see the partitions and the respective drive letters. I am also able to view the files using the "A43 File Management Utility", so I copied the critical files to an external USB HDD.


      From WinTech, Restore EEPC MBR is greyed out. Also unable to use Safetech Emergency Boot due to no disk information (e002000a).


      How can i make the HDD bootable again?


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.