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    McAfee EMM support for Windows RT/WP8

      My hospital and med school IT department is forcing everyone to migrate to McAfee EMM and removing the older system of mobile email access. We cannot access EMR or email otherwise, by the start of February. Has there been any word/update on McAfee EMM support for Windows 8/RT or Windows Phone devices via an app? And if not, why not, considering how McAfee has pointed out that ModernUI-running OS will be the "next big target" for hackers? Seems like that is more incentive to target those devices for secure mobile management.

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          I would assume that emm does support wp8 since it is an activesync divice.  And I would assume the it will not support windows/rt since it is not an activesync device (correct?) and is more similar to a full desktop OS than to a tablet. 


          Also doesn't help that there have been about 18 windows tablets sold and 42 windows phones total:)

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            We also waiting for the support of WP8.

            So we testing the products of competitors.

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              This is the reply I got from support when asking for current Windows Phone 8 support.




              EMM v10.0 and higher support Windows Phone 8 (WP8) via ActiveSync management. However, Windows Phone 8 devices currently show up as Windows Phone 7 in the EMM Helpdesk.


              There will be a device catalog update and notice this week correcting this. Moving forward, Windows Phone 8 devices will show properly in the Helpdesk. For this device catalog update, there will be a prep tool that will need to be run first (instructions will be in the notice). You will run the prep tool on the Hub and it will remove a couple of records from the old device catalog and then you will manually install the new device catalog as normal.


              I’ve attached a document that shows the functionality we currently support for Windows Phone8. It is the same functionality supported for Windows Phone 7.



              In the document mentioned above:



              Windows Phone 8 Supported Features

              Enterprise Mobility Management 10.0+














              Security: Authentication Management



              User password for logon



              Must satisfy the password strength requirements






              Password length



              Minimum length in characters of the power-on passwords






              Require alpha-numeric password



              Composition of password






              Password failure action



              Incorrect password attempts. Wipes the device when it reaches the limit. Wiping the device will return to factory defaults.



              Management: Centralized Administration



              Enterprise visibility



              All mobile devices in the enterprise viewable in a single console.






              Policy Management



              One place to create and manage policies for all devices; LDAP group-based associations.






              User Authorization



              Choice of user authorization methods, including bulk and manual authorization, and authorization based on LDAP groups or a CSV list.









              Unified Helpdesk for common tasks like wipe, delete email and PIM data, uninstall (remove configuration profile.)









              Status of policies and users






              Web-based console



              Server access from anywhere






              Role-based access control



              Levels of access; can be tied to AD and Domino groups






              Compliance enforcement



              Monitoring of device health and network access based on status






              Wipe (Full)



              Hard reset of the device. Removes McAfee EMM software, all data, and all applications and returns device to factory settings.