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    McAfee technician remote accessed my computer last night, wondering how to check if they were legit?

      As the title says I had a problem with McAfee Security Centre (a pop up saying McAfee 32 bit helper has stopped working please close the program), so I went to the UK McAfee website and started an online chat with a technician. He then tried to resolve my problem by telling me what to do which did not work and then he wanted to remote access my computer to which I said NO (as I heard of scams about this and was a little paranoid). Anyways he then asked for my email, name and phone number. I was a little hessitant to give him my number as I am in Japan and they are in the UK. Anyways i did and he said a technician would call me the next day to be able to help me with my problem to which he did.

      So the next day i got a call and he started talking to me and so forth then he asked me to do a remote access of my computer to check it himself and see if he can determine the problem . He gave me a link in order to go to on the McAfee website and to press "YES" to allow them to remote access my computer and he also gave me a serial code to enter before.

      Then he went in and did some things to the computer like check for errors , check the HDD , uninstall McAfee Security Centre do a back up of the registry and then delete the reminder of McAfee files on the registry. Then he asked me to log onto my McAfee Account and so he can download the program again to install it on my computer once more. He did and I restarded only to find out that the problem was still happening.

      So he said can I please get the log files of your computer and so I can send it to the techs and find out what is the problem. So I said OK and he went to the McAffee website where it downloaded and ran a program which was accessing the files of C drive aparently and it was taking a while to do when i then saw it was getting other things like music I had on my computer and I stopped it.


      Now my question is..... is this normal of a McAfee technician to call you when you are in a totally different country and do remote access of your computer to find the problem?! Also the logs that he wanted to take with him i stopped it before it finished does that mean he didn't get anything?!?! He told me that even if he did get the logs I would still need to fill out a form giving them my permittion to use my logs from my computer and then they will be able to send it away to McAfee techs to check and see what the problem is?!?

      Is my computer secure from anyone else trying to remote access my computer?!?! He did tell me that I have the serial code for the remote access he did so no one would be able to do it anymore. Also I turned off remote access on my computer.

      I know I sound like a bit of a paranoid case and a freak but I am just worried of so many scams and stories I read on the internet about letting so called techs remote access their computer and left as an easy target for identity theft.


      I was however able to see everything he was doing while he had control of my computer though.


      Could they still be able to put it any programs to access my computer at a later date??!?


      Sorry for the many questions but I would just like an answer to calm myself down from worrying so much as I have a lot of clients personal information and design works I do.


      I also made a copy of the chats I had with him so I have some proof of what he did and said and asked me to download and install.


      One more thing which made me a little curious and please by all means I am not trying to be racist or mean. The person who was calling me was from Indian origin and I expecting someone from the UK (seeing how I contacted the UK website) both techs I chatted to online were indian actually. Again I am sorry if this is offensive I do not mean it to be just curious to find out thats all.


      Anyone with any answers for my paranoia?!?!?!


      thanks in adavance and sorry for the long post.


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          1 the program to get the logs gets those and those only.


          Were you given an SR job number ? If not really the chat entry point would have I thought showed 1 and you should have got an email re it as well.


          I also thought the chat entry asked for your email address so teh chat guy should have had access to it.


          No matter please post back re your SR number and the serial code for the remote session and I will get the head tech to check the records and address the music comment. You are sure it was downloading music files not scanning the folder?


          Most support people are indian as Mcafee contracts their support out but the staff are trustworthy and even my call from Au gets the same support.

          The path he followed ie check HD aand then reinstall and get logs are the normal things they try.


          I assume that data of the clients are backed up in case of issues?

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            Hi There,


            The first Technician Name = Abhishek first chat (GoToAssist_ChatLog_191903383) and he told me my Case ID: 484570-1014431759

            after trying to solve my problem and made me do some steps on my computer.

            After it did not work I went on to chat again and got a different technician online.



            The second chat was (GoToAssist_ChatLog_191911207) Technician name = Rohit Svijayan who asked for my email address and phone number and made a time and date to call.

            The thrid chat I had was the next day with another Technician called = Shreejeeth P (GoToAssist_ChatLog_192121810). He first called me over the phone then he told me to chat to me online to solve my problem. He was the one who I gave access to do Remote Access to my laptop.


            Sorry but I cannot remember SR Number as I don't have the webpage anymore and didn't write it down as it all went quick.


            Well from what I saw whole gathering my info it was grabbing stuff from C drive which is my OS drive and was exactly as the tech said but then I started seeing G drive which has my music and it started going through the names and so forth. I am not sure if it was downloading or maybe because Itunes does back up of my music on C drive but I swear I saw G drive being access.


            I got 2 things, from the first tech I got a case Number and the third tech who was going to remote access my computer gave me a SN number to input into a McAfee webpage so I can let him access my computer.

            Oh yeh and I got no email from any of the chats.

            I am just wondering if this is a normal procedure of steps techs do who work for McAfee when dealing with problems.

            I am just curious because he didn't ask me for account info or my name and last name and other details it was only name, phone number and email address.

            How would he know I paid for the McAfee product and not just downloaded it and hacked it.

            I guess now that I think about it he made me log on to my account where I he was able to download the program again so I would have a legit account right.


            Just want to put my mind at easy that this was a real McAfee tech, I am sure he was just I am a worry wart as I have never ever let anyone do remote access to my computer.


            And sorry for the paranoia just worried about clients files and so.


            One last thing, what exactly does the log program grab of my computer?!!?!
            What programs I have? what I have browsed? What errors, what HDDs I have connected? what exactly does it gather?


            Thanks for your help and sorry for the hassle.


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              Also here are the 2 phone numbers I got called from :


              Second tech who called late to help me and made an appointment for a later day 080xxxxxxxxx


              and the third tech who did remote access with 080xxxxxxxx


              I've checked these numbers and aparently they are based in the UK and are land line numbers.


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                Peter M

                We have no access to that side here.   Your best way of checking is to phone them and ask if those ID numbers are theirs.   It's free to call in Australia:  http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=3081&sg=TS


                I'm not sure why you would be called from the UK but maybe they cover Australia at certain hours who knows?  We in N.America are called from India, so long distance help is quite normal here.


                If you initiated the service request to McAfee directly then it's pretty-well safe to assume that it was them who called you.  Accessing your machine is often part of "the cure".


                I removed those phone numbers as it's against forum rules to post information like that.




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                  I am in Japan and I accessed the UK McAfee website and spoke to a tech from there.

                  I am not in Australia.

                  I don't know i just searched for them numbers on the net and it says UK landline.

                  So do I just chat to someone and ask them if they have a recollection in their system about my remote access?!?!

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                    Peter M

                    Sorry I mistook your area because of your email address.   Japanese support is here:  http://www.mcafee.com/japan/mcafee/support/


                    They should be able to check in the system for those case ID numbers.


                    Any countries can help, simply use the online chat option.


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                      Peter M

                      Click the first link I gave and then alter your country to whatever you like.   Online chat is free anywhere so use that to ask them if those case ID's are legitimate.

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                        no worries spoke to mcafee people just now and they verified the techs names of who i dealt with so feeling much better now. talking to techs now.

                        thanks for your help I can sleep with ease now.

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