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    MSME 7.6 - Unable to change default autoupdate task.


      Hi Community,


      I have a strange problem with the default autoupdate task in MSME 7.6 (latest patch(es) applied).


      We´re scheduling our autoupdates by ePO (4.6) and the signatures are updated without any problem. BUT when starting the GUI on the Exchange server I can see the standard autoupdate task, which is enabled and scheduled "hourly" with "every 8 hours" as setting. We want this task to be disabled BUT, every time I close the guy and open it again the just diabled task is enabled again. Doesn´t matter which steps I proceed first, the task is always enabled again. It isn´t even possible to reschedule it, to let´s say "weekly", as it is resetted to "hourly" with "8 hours" repeat interval.


      This behaiviour is exactly the same in our test envirnment and whatever I tried with ePO and the local console, I wan´t able to disable this task.


      Any ideas or hints are very welcome.



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