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    Goodbye MacAfee

      After two years of putting up with the quirks and foibles of MacAfee I have finally decided that when my present subscription runs out then so do I as far as MacAfee is concerned, I will in all probability go back to F-Prot, a little known but excellent anti-virus software producer from Iceland of all places.

      I am just about sick to death of pop-ups telling me all sorts of doom and gloom problems that supposedly exist on my computer, it tells me my computer is not secure but when I check it tells me everything is fine, my computer is at risk and I go through the routine of clicking on this/that/ or the other to fix it, why doesnt it just do it automatically without annoying distractions in the middle of my work ?.

      If its broke then fix it, if it isnt broke just leave me alone instead of these damned pop-ups appearing all the time like the one telling me my software is out of date when I know full well it isnt so I click on 'remind me later' just to find another behind it that I have to close, at least with F-Prot it gets on with the job and leaves me to do mine, so goodbye MacAfee.......the early versions were fine, the latest versions are just over engineered and try to involve the user too much....

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          I completely agree. I have just installed McAfee Anti Virus Plus just a month ago and it is a big big headache.

          McAfee assumes that every user is an engineer. Worse, have been running from pillar to post to get support for elementary issues.


          My McAfee icon persists to show that `computer is at risk. Cannot update.Please check internet connection"


          Even though the program is on auto update and internet connection is just fine. There is not on-line help available to sort this presumably simple issue.


          Grrrrrrr hate McAfee. Am scrapping it in a few days and going back to Kaspersky. used it for years and it was just fine for me. Cant help if I am not an engineer....as McAfee wants every user to be.



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            There are free call tech support options and cahet online options. You can request an escalation as well and get them to call you.


            That said was this issue the At risk 1 after an update from 11.6 to 12.1?

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              Thanks Tony...........


              Yes the problem is persisting even now. I update and and am informed that McAfee is updated and next update schedule.

              The icon works for few minutes and then is back to " Your computer is at risk. Cannot update. Please check your internet connection"


              This if the fourth time today and am giving up.


              Tried Chat help but unfortunately again, the drop down menu of countries to choose from does not have India.


              Dont; know why I am even doing this after having paid for a product that is not even a month old......


              Waiting to exit this torture till my new anti virus is delivered.

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                hang on maybe this will help.



                Re india it is hiding



                it is under the drop down option my country is not listed link.

                Try them

                you are unable to resolve your issue using our self-help services, please contact                                            Customer Service or Technical Support using the numbers below. A McAfee representative                                            will schedule a call back within 24 hours.                                           






                                                                            Phone Support




                                                                            1800 3000 2454


                                                                            000 8004401144



                - Bangalore


                - Mumbai


                - New Delhi