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    Creating a SuperAgent on a PC that won't have McAfee installed on it

      Ok bit of a story here so bear with me and if i miss anything please ask.


      Current system is McAfee ePO 4.6.4, recently updated, that i inherited when the last admin left.


      Been managing to muddle through and now have our VS engine working much better than it was.


      So story is this. We have 1 server on each site that we have, currently 10, that is designated as both an agent handler and a superagent for that specific site. This was all setup before i took control.


      I added a new agent handler to one of our sites and created a remote repository using UNC, works perfectly.


      My problem is that i want to create the SuperAgent on this site but it whas another vendors AV scanner on it, we keep our server infrastructure on a different AV vendor from our desktops, so i don't want to have McAfee's AV installed on it as part of the agent install.


      Reading up on how to install the superagent shows that the system needs to be seen in the  System tree before you can deploy the agent and set the relevant section that designates it as a superagent.


      How can i best achieve this installation when i don't want the McAfee AV installation on the server??


      My initial thoughts were these:


      1. Browse to the FrmPkg.exe file and manually install the agent on the server.
      2. When seen on the ePO server move it to the relevant folder in the system tree.
      3. Force an installation over the server and designate it as a superagent.


      Does this sound about right?


      Please, if i've missed any information that you feel would be helpful then please ask away.