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    When will a "fix" be available for the 'Windows 7 freezes on restart' issue with McAfee


      I have been to numerous support forums and have noticed that my issue is very common. There are plenty of McAfee users that were asked to "restart" their machines after a McAfee update back in December that causes Windows 7 to freeze at the start-up page. My HP DV4T is running Win7 64bit and had ATT Internet Security Suite (McAfee) running fine on it for a couple of years before this. After many different attempts to "fix " my PC I decided to back up my data and restore my HP to factory. Once I did this I immediately installed all Windows updates during which Windows Update restarted my PC plenty of times with no problems. Once Windows 7 was up to date I removed the Norton software that HP pre-installs. I ran MVT and then did a fresh install/download of McAfee. (This is exactly what I did 2 years ago when I first got my HP). McAfee installed fine and I thought everything was back to normal but everytime McAfee asks for a restart Windows 7 hangs at start up. Bottom line is Windows works fine as long as McAfee is not installed. It's actually working and restarting w/o issues now but I had to install a free AV. It is not the Atheros Wi-Fi driver (I have version 10.x.x.x.). It is not conflicting with other AV as I completely removed all of Norton before installing McAfee. It is not conflicting with any other programs as it was the first program I installed after restoring my PC. It is not any of the other suggested problems I have seen. What it is , however, is a headache. I am not in I.T. or a geek but I have been working on my own PC's for 15 years now and I'm pretty confident that the problem is with McAfee.