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    Admin password

      I am using Windows8.  I have cox Security McAfee.  McAfee wont recognize my Admin password when I try to change allowed sites.

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          Peter M

          I have changed your forums log in name to remove the email portion for your own safety and privacy.


          Where is this password requirement?   If you can clarify that I will move this thread to an actual product sub-section where hopefully it will get better attention.

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            I am using Windows 8.

            I sign onto the McAfee Security center

            The Cox Security Suite Powered by McAfee comes up

            I go to Firewall (on)

            Then to settings

            Then to Internet conections for programs.


            That tells me "To change this setting log onto windows as an Administrator"  I am loged onto Windows as an Administrator.

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              Peter M

              Are you sure you are logged in as an admin-level user?


              I would phone tech support then as I'm not too sure what to suggest here. It's free and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.