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    [ePO] Push agents to newly added clients (AD Sync)


      Hello community.

      We are using ePO with approximately 3500 clients. In a testing environment, I'm trying out new features for the future.


      I made a AD synchronization and activated the "Push agents to new systems when they are discovered". However, this doesn't work.

      I created a servertask which calls this AD synchronitation every hour, and it successfully adds new clients, but it just doens't push the agent there.


      When I call "deploy agent" from the system tree, it works fine on all those clients (after solving some problems with c$ share, firewall and stuff like that)


      I heard it's possible to do it with rogue system detection...however, it should be possible without, no?  (Second question: Where can I download the rogue system detection extension?)


      Thanks a lot and best wishes