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    Problem with Symantec Endpoint Protection


      My company uses Symantec Endpoint Protection (a recent change) for the corporate network, but our product uses McAfee VSE.


      When I try to download "commonupdater2" to copy to our update repositories (using FTP via FileZilla), FileZilla reports two files “Could not start transfer”.


      The blocked files are:


      Symantec Endpoint Protection is filtering them out as “intrusion detections”:

      • ([SID: 21213] HTTP MS Javaprxy DLL BO attack blocked. Traffic has been blocked for this application: \DEVICE\HARDDISKVOLUME1\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\FILEZILLA FTP CLIENT\FILEZILLA.EXE).



      Is this a serious problem?

      How important are these two files?

      How often do they change?


      Has anyone any idea how I can fix this problem?