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    McShield Service Problem

    Sukhadev Koli

      Hi there!!

      I have one question to all McAfee Experts....


      Can I schedule to start and stop McShield Service,,,, only when required??? Because I observed that it is consuming lot of memory  thereby slowing down my computer performance and always it keep alive in list of running processes. I know the risk of stopping this process, that no security against virus will be provided becase all McAfee products stops working when McSheild service is stopped...


      I also want to know that, what the doubt i asked above is correct??? I mean if McShield service/process is kept contineously ON then does it slow downs the performace of computer? If so then upto what extent???



      For your reference Iam sharing the snap shot of what exactly i want.... please help me in this regard, any advice, solutions... thanx in advance