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    copynotify.com gets flagged as 'suspicious' ?


      Subject : copynotify.com gets flagged as 'suspicious'




      Our domain http://www.copynotify.com is a legitimate domain owned by a legitimate company based in India (CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd.). We have NO malicious intentions and in fact we are creators of data protection software for small business users.


      We are dismayed to note that McAfee's site advisor has flagged www.copynotify.com as 'suspicious' and we fail to understand the criteria under which we have got flagged ... ;-(


      - I have now sent a ticked to Trusted Source http://www.trustedsource.org

      - I have sent an email to support@siteadvisor.com

      - I have filled the web form at Site Advisor http://www.siteadvisor.com/userfeedback.html


      Is there anything else that should be done. ?




      Z. M. Karbhari


      Managing  Director




      CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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          karbhari wrote:


          Is there anything else that should be done. ?


          No, I think you've done everything you can do for the time being. You just have to wait for a response from TrustedSource - which is where the site rating is coming from. Unfortunately the TrustedSource page for the site is not giving any information about the reason for the rating. It is, however, only a Medium Risk rating and so is unlikely to be anything serious - although the SiteAdvisor blocking page makes it look worse than it is.