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    WaveSecure SMS locate command problem

      I just spent over 1 hour with support that barely understands english and the WaveSecure product. The guy says there is "No problem with the product" at the end of the call:


      I sent a locate command via text message from another phone to my Galaxy S3 and the reply that came back was a URL that was too long for one text message. So when I click on the link, it fails. The link needs 165 characters, SMS messages limit to 160. I cannot use the product if I have to manually type the 165 random characters myself. I could have gone to a computer and use the website. As a fix, the support person wants me to read him the URL that was text to me and he would shorten it for me?!?!? what? I send: Secure Locate (PIN) ... get a text reply... then I need to find a computer create a trouble ticket, then call the 800 number, give them long 165 character wavesecure URL info, have them reduce the size of the URL? They then read it back to me,  then retype it in a browser on my end and then I can locate my phone? I don't thnk so.


      Does anyone else have a solution?


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          Hi Dan,


          Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our support personnel, if you could provide mw with your email address I can look up for the agents who spoke to you and provide him feedback.


          As for your problem, I understand that you receive the link sent to you as 2 SMS and you are unable to select the link and get the location. Most providers have a  160 character limit for SMS and there are times when the location link exceeds this number however if you are using a smart phone then both these SMS would be stitched and come to your phone inbox as 1 SMS. Could you provide us with the phone model you are using to send the secure locate command.


          Best Regards,


          Mcafee Mobile Support

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            I am using the Samsung Galaxy S III.  The URL contained in the message is 165 characters long. I own 3 Galaxy S3s and a Galaxy S phone and have many of other smartphones that I text from over the years. I have NEVER owned a phone (including the ones I just mentioned) that will concatinate extra long text messages together. If you create & send a text message that is longer than 160 characters, the phone will show one long outgoing text, but it will then, behind the scene, bust the message into as many as it needs. The receiving phones DO NOT recombine the messages into one. My email address is dschultz@Networkservicesgroup.com.  I have spoke with several people at your company, the last one who called seems to understand the problem (he said he is with tier 2 support) and he would get back to me. That was yesterday (1/23/2013) and he did not get back with me today... maybe tomorrow.


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              It's been 5 days and it looks like tier 2 has forgotten about me. If McAfee is doing something, I wish they would keep me in the loop. Instead, it feals like nothing is being done.

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                Hi Dan,


                I have been following up with Tier 2 support and they are trying to investigate this issue. Generally they would try and replicate the issue and if its not replicable they would get back to you to troubleshoot the issue.


                It seems that they have already replied to you, please check you e-mail (spam folder as well) and if you haven't received a reply I will once again follow up with Tier 2 support. Be rest assured we are following up on your case.


                Best Regards,


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                  Tier 2 has NOT attempted to contact me again after I spoke to someone who called me 6 days ago and stated he was with Tier 2 support. He clarified the question, stated he would get back to me and has not. I am a Microsoft Certified Traininer since 1989 and Exchange Server is my forte. I have not received any email concerning this and this includes in my junk mail. I receive my email from McAfee, including copies from this forum. Support is not happening for me.


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                    Tier 2.5 responded and stated that they could not reproduce the problem that I have with 3 Samsung Galaxy S3, one Galaxy S. ALL phones that can send a SMS message are limited to 160 characters... I has nothing to do with the smart phone.


                    The fix suggested to me in the email from McAfee Teir 2.5 support is the purchase McAfee Mobile Security. I have already purchased McAfee WaveSecure 3 times (each with 2 years of service) for all of my Galaxy S3 phones. I replied to the support email if they will purchase the keys (3 - 2year subscriptions) and I am not waiting for their response.


                    I will keep you posted.

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                      Hi Dan,


                      Since WaveSecure is an old product for Mcafee and there is not much development happening on this product hence we would suggest that you get Mcafee Mobile security (MMS) for your S3.


                      What I could do is, provide you 3 months of free trial so that you could try MMS and check if it works for you. MMS is a complete Mobile security package and offers much more than WaveSecure, if you say that you have purchased WaveSecure we can also arrange for your license to be transferred to MMS when you activate.


                      Do let me know if would be interested in trying MMS.


                      Best Regards,


                      Mcafee Mobile Support

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                        Hi Sanjay,


                        I would like to take you up on the offer to replace my WaveSecure with McAfee Mobile Security on my 3 phones (each has a two year subscription).


                        Thank you,



                        I will download... How do I get the new subscription keys?

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                          I am having this exact same problem on a Samsung S3 as well as a Motorola Razr Maxx using McAfee Mobile Security.

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