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    Unauthorized Updating of Credit Card Information


      I logged in to my account for the first time since Feb. 2011, after having received an email that my subscription was "automatically renewed."  I thought this was strange as my credit card expired in June 2012, and have had no reason to contact McAfee since February 2011 after I got rid of my laptop.  When I logged in, i realize my expired credit card had been updated to reflect its new expiration date.

      I have no idea who, what, when, or how this happened. I presume the why was to have an active credit card to charge. The expiration date was updated to reflect the new June 2015 expiration date,  I was not notified of any of these changes/activity on my account.  Second, I tried to remove the credit card info from my account profile.  It wouldn't let me.  Third - I second all the issues that have been raised regarding the unscrupulous "automatic renewal" practice as unfair and misleading.   




      But my main concern is -- who gave mcafee the right to update my credit card information so they can charge it again?  more disturbing is I did not receive notification that my account was updated without my authorization.  No online merchant I have ever done business with has taken the liberty of updating my credit card information so they can charge it.