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    Total Protection interferes with Win 8 Metro Apps? How about All Access 2013?


      Have any users had issues with Win 8 Metro Apps not working on account of McAfee?


      I've had Total Protection on my Win 7 machine for quite some time, and I just got a Win 8 machine. The metro apps were working fine. It took me a few days to get around to installing Total Protection on the new machine, and I just did it last night. This morning, I found that the Metro apps are not working any more. (They quickly show a splash screen and then go off. If you swipe in from the left hand of the screen, the app still shows, but switching to it give you only a momentary glimpse of the splash screen again.)


      I've noticed a lot of online discussion about metro apps not working, but no one has narrower down the cause. I'm fairly certain that in my instance it was installation of Total Protection that did it. Starting up with all the McAfee products disabled does not seem to remedy it though.


      Has anyone else experienced this?


      Is All Access 2013 a newer product. Would switching to that be of help?


      Many thanks.