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    McAfee DLP Endpoint


      How to active McAfee DLP Endpoint option from Manage Features, If DLP 9.2 Software is already installed in that system.

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          To clarify, you have DLPe 9.2 manually installed or installed from a different ePO server? Now you wish to control this endpoint from your current ePO server?


          Chris Norris

          McAfee DLP TierIII

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            Previously it was installed by ePO Server, but when not showing in Manage features then i have unistalled this and done manual installation but still Mcafee DLP Endpoint is not showing in Manage Features and again i had to uninstall this for USB access for a User....And as per my knowledge, if it is not active in Manage features then it will not take DLP policy if i have to give USB access to particular user.


            And Yes now i wanted to control this from my Current ePO server.


            Thanks for your reply..

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              Check list


              1. Your have DLP installed in your repostiory

              2. You have the management extensions installed in ePO

              3. You have at least a base policy for DLP


              Now when you say 'showing in managed features' do you mean when you click on the agent icon.


              Is DLP listed in the product list when you choose 'about'? If it then i've had a similar issue where sometimes the icon appears as a separate icon in the task bar 'White square, red outline and with a red padlock in the centre, sometimes it's hidden but not under the agent.


              The problem

              From my findings the issue is with versions of the policy that DLP is storing/caching/enforcing. It's not correctly recognising policies from ePO and not applying the changes.


              The fix

              Create a duplicate of your main DLP agent configuration policy. Select your rogue system and 'modify policy on single system', override the default policy and apply the new policy and send a wake up, wait a bit and restore the original policy and DLP should appear in the 'managed features' menu.

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                Also if you just want to permanently over-ride a particular user (CEO for example) then as long as you have AD sync the just add them as a previliged user in the DLP policy window and it will negate all policies for that user.