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    DLP - Impersonation error


      Hi all,


      Iam using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.0 Console. My username for the login was "admin" and password was same the administrator password for AD.


      Yesterday i changed my AD password and epolicy password (Put both diffrent) . After restarting the server , i can login to epolicy & DLP Policy, but when i tried to "Generate Agent Override key " , its comin up with an error


      "Failed genrating key.


      Exception Information :

      SaveEventstoDBfailed : Impersonation

      Failed for user administrator"



      Someone please help me to sort it out..



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          Dear Experts,


          Someone please help me to sort this out....

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            It is likely that when you installed the WCF service you entered the AD Administrator credentials as a connection authorisation to SQL server. Therefore you now have the situation where WCF cannot authenticate to the SQL server. You may have the same error when applying the policy from the management console. To fix either reinstall the WCF service and supply the new credentials or just go in to the DLP Policy console and go to Tools, Options then use the button [Update DB Credentials].


            That should get you back to normal,.




            Chris Norris

            McAfee DLP TierIII

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              Dear cnoriss,


              Thank you for your support. I updated the DB  Credentials and problem solved.