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    What products are licenced under McAfee Endpoint Protection - Advanced Suite




      My grant number shows that I am licensed for McAfee Endpoint Protection - Advanced Suite then I see a whole list of products which I can download (shown at the end of this question).


      Some of them state what is licensed and what is not but some like McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange v7.6 and Anti-Spam Activation for MSME v7.6 do not state the licence requirements.


      My question is, should I just assume that all products listed under My Downloads that do not explicitly state licence conditions can be downloaded and installed? I don't want to install trial versions that will expire and want me to remove them, I would rather install something I know will work uninterrupted.


      Below is the list of products I get with my grant number;


      Data Loss Prevention

      Endpoint Security

      Endpoint Security Previous Versions

      Management Solutions

      Messaging & Web Security

      Risk & Compliance Management