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    QQ:urgency! ICAP requests have send out failed


      hi team,


      i have a WEB-GW issue need your help. thanks.


      web-gw 7.2

      ICAP for ISA plugin


      for issue:


      i installed the ICAP plugin for ICAP client on ISA server and redirect web traffic to web-gw as a ICAP server. you can see my config as below :


      web-gw ip :




      let us check my web-gw setting:





      but the client pc has access website failed if enable REQMOD and ERSPMOD on ICAP plugin.  and seem the ICAP requests unable to sent to web-gw . i am not sure what problem have need happen.  i have no idea about this issue . please help me have a check or give some advise.


      note : if i enable the "bypass on failure" function then the client PCs access well. that means there is something wrong between ISA and WEB-GW.




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          when you enable the filtering and try to browse, is there any error message from MWG or the ISA server? Is the browser "stuck" waiting for a response or just showing a blank page?


          Without further data the configuration looks OK so far. Did you ensure that the ISA server can talk to MWG on port 1344? Maybe there is any kind of firewall in the line or the ISA server is blocking the connection? You could run a packet capture on MWG and check if packets come in.


          I would have a look at this first to ensure connectiviy is given.




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            thanks Andre.


            Good news to hear that fixed this issue after add a allow policy on ISA. the root cause is the ISA  server cannot talk to MWG on port 1344.