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    Search.certified Browser Hijack Virus/Malware

      .On Jan 13 I download a file. Ran an Install Program and it seems had a virus or malware attached. I have uninstalled the downloaded program and the deleted the saved file. The virus or malware I Got infected with is (Search.certified.com). At the time I was running Mcafee security center and Malwarebytes Pro neither stopped it. I ran a scan in Malwarebytes it found about ten cookies, quarintined them and deleted. the virus is still there, it changes my default homepage in IE to (Search.certified.com) I changed my home page to Google.com and still loads the otheron first start of IE, when I click to open another tab Google is the home page, another thing my Mcafee fire wall keeps stopping. I running Windows 8 (64 bit). Any Help would be appriciated.