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    Data Recovery


      We are into data recovery business. From time to time we get HDD for data recovery encryted with Safeboot. Can somebody guide us what products we should buy from McAfee so that we can decrpt the data and deliver to the clients. The clients provide us with necessary information such as login name/password etc.

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          Moved provisionally to Business > EEM for better attention.

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            Thanks a lot for the same

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              Your customer can provide you with all the recovery software?

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                The customers send us the Hard Disk only (whether physically or logically crashed). They are ready to provide us with all the information needed by us for data recovery such as version used/login name/password etc or any other information needed by us. We are supposed to recover the data and give it to them. They can not give us any software from user level. We are capable of creating an image of the HDD by repairing the defects of the HDD (Service area/PCB/Head etc.). Please tell us as to how to decrpt the data and what things are to be implemented at our end. Thanks in advance.

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                  You need to read the EETech/SafeTech guides and understand them. Unfortunately we don't offer training classes outside of product sales. I'm not sure where you would go for help, other than buying the produt yourselves

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                    I am ready to buy the product. Regarding Safetech, I was reading on your website. By buying the product and understanding the same, it will be easier fo us to solve such problems. Please advice me which product to buy and from where. Thanks once again for the guidance.

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                      You need to buy whichever product your customer wants you to support - any McAfee reseller can help you. http://www.mcafee.com/us/purchase.aspx

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                        We had disk failure before and we sent to external to fix the drive.

                        like you they ask to decyrpt the disk.


                        So i would sugest you work with the client to understand what encryption has been installed on the disk.

                        if they're using McAfee Endpoint Encryption they should able to assist you tu decrypt it.