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    Incoming Connections Blocked


      Hello. It came to my attention about an hour ago that, upon inspecting my Security History, since about 12/26 of last year, a large group of IP Addresses each day woult try to 'ping' my computer.
      Now, a few of them are the same IP over and over again, and as such, I'm a little cautious. Though using an IP Finder, I found out a few of them were services known for communication, including my service provider Road Runner.


      Overall, about 2502 connections have been blocked. I believe they were from the process of Skype, but most of the time, I didn't even geta notification that it was blocked.
      I would really like some clarification on just what's going on here, because I got 3 connections in the past 24 hours. So yeah, if any other infermation needs to be provided, or like what seems to happen a lot, and this has been solved already, direct me in the direction, I would really appreciate it.


      [EDIT] Less than a few minutes ago, another person pinged me, this time from China, according to a tracker. Moments later, my Chrome crashed, which is the first time of it doing that. Should I be worried?


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