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    Need to kill one subscription and merge in new one


      The short version: I have two computers and two separate subscriptions. Both are active but one is about to expire. I bought a second license for the other account which is not going to expire for a while, and I need to move it to the one about to expire.




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      Here's a long version...


      I bought two Dell computers at different times. Each came with a 12 month trial for SecurityCenter. Each account (not knowing it would matter later) was registered with a different e-mail address. (One for me; one for my wife.)



      Computer #1 bought in November has e-mail address #1

      Computer #2 bought in January has e-mail address #2


      Computer #1 has a renewed, paid for license.

      Computer #2 is about to expire.


      Today I bought a second copy of the license with address #1 account (cheaper than renewing the second separately,) so now I want computer #2 to use this second copy which is also merging them under one e-mail address.  I am current sitting at computer #2.


      What should I do?


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      Here are my concerns. I tried deactivating Computer #2  account using the software thinking it would happen right away but was given a message it would take several days. The subscription expires in 6 days, so I was trying to do this immediately and still don't know if it would matter. The program and my browser are "linked." When I visit "My Account" it auto fills in the e-mail for Computer #2's subscription. While at Computer #2, it will not let me log into Computer #1's account. I try and it does nothing but reset showing e-mail #2 again (This is what I originally was expecting to do to activate the new license.)  Though it seems a logical option, I am 'afraid' to update C#2's account info with the address of C#1 thinking I might invalidate the license somehow, killing one or both accounts, or at least being told the e-mail already in use. Then there's uninstalling, which I'm not sure if that would just kill the software but still can't reinstall under the new license.