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    McAfee and League of Legends


      Hi all,


      I've recently purchased a Alienware laptop, which came with McAfee as the virus scanner.  I've not used it before, so I'm still trying to get my head around what configuration options are available to me.


      I'm struggling to get the a game - League of legends to run properly on the computer, and I believe McAfee to be the cause of the problem.   I'm hoping its a siomple case of configuring McAfee correctly to resolve the issue, but a while searching the net has not been able to iddentify the cause of my problem.


      The symptoms I am seeing are identicle to those described here (https://community.mcafee.com/message/256090#256090)   I'm  running windows 7 home premium, on an alienware Mx17 computer.


      I'd lke to avoid the approach this user took of uninstalling McAfee and going to a more game-friendly virus scanner, as I would prefer the piece of mind of a more full featured security system. 


      A little technical detaile abot LoL.. as the design of the application is a bit overly complex and I suspect might be contributing to the issue.  The application consists of multiple binaries, one of which is used - pre-game - to chat with other players and arrange games.  Once you actually launch into a game, a different binary is launched.  the in-game binary seems to work fine, however the launcher binary seems to intermittantly have its connection to the servers disconnected.  this can lead to being unable to chat to other users or drop you out of the game queue, as you would not recieve the message saying a game has been found, and thus not be able to accept it.  Its quite annoying both for me and the players i am matched into a game with.  The intermittant nature of the problem is the weirdest thing, as i can play the game for hours without a problem, or at other times,  every minute or so the connection is being blocked. 


      I've tried to confirm that all the binaries used by Legue are allowed internet connections in the  "internet connections for programmes" section of the firewall config.  What I after is any suggestions on other configurations measures I should be attempting in an effort to fix this intermittant issue?


      Any help would be appreciated.


      (Edit - For the record, I'm running McAfee Sceurity Center 11.6 - build 11.6.443)






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          Check in firewall settings if there are any blocked IPs in netguard settings. Try without netgaurd active.


          Also in firewall settings change the traffic controller to monitored so it asks you for permission not guesses what is OK.


          Then call support and explain to them the issue . You may need to get them to escalate the issue and get someone to access your PC to get your mclogs and see if they mention any issues re that program.



          Are there ports that need to be opened in the firewall? The legend site should mention them?


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