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    The latest update to real-time scanning and Eudora

      I am running Anti Virus Plus (been using it for a LONG time) on Window 7 (I've had this laptop for 3 year). I use Eudora for my email client. Until this last update, I had no problems when the real time scanning was enabled. Now I have to turn it off if I want Eudora to finish downloading my email. If I don't the mcshield.exe process eats up between 75% and 100% of the cpus (4). Since Eudora is a mature product and hasn't been updated in years, this can't be blamed on a version of Eudora. I saw other complaining of a similar problem when using Thunderbird, so it looks like a problem with McAfee. I will turn off real time scanning for now, but that is NOT a solution.


      On a side note, the new interface is lousy & takes up too much space for the amount of information that is displayed.