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    How to fix My Network page which is blank on the laptop 1 of 3 machines licensed for McAfee Total Protection 2013


      End of Dec ’12 I renewed McAfee Total Protection. Am allowed to use it for 3 PC’s. So use it for my PC (cable modem), my laptop and my sister’s laptop (both laptop’s re wireless). My PC is the master that controls the network. All installs went well. All My Network pages are fine except for my laptop where the page stays blank. Any troubleshoot suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.


      Also maybe this could be a clue to solving the blank page issue on my laptop - On my PC that controls the network when clicking on About This Network under the McAfee column all machines except for my laptop are stated with a Yes, the laptop states No. Yet on the laptop the software and machine are fully functional. 



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