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    Mcafee Virus Plus 2013 completely blocking internet access

      My dad just recently purchased the above mentioned software.  I installed it on his computer and we were not able to connect to the internet.  I un-installed it, got on Mcafee sites and found out some things to do, such as turn off certain features and adding certain sites to be allowed.  I did that, and it worked for about 2 minutes, then blocked it again.  Nothing I did from that point on would work.  I even tried turning off the firewall.  Still no internet.  He is going to try and get a refund tomorrow at Walmart or exchange it for something else.  If this doesnt work, can someone help me?  What is the point of having virus protection for the internet, if you cannot connect to the internet!

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          Do you know what version is shown in the about area. This issue was fixed ages ago and is not seen now. If you do not get a replacement call support and see what they can do. Usually they can set up a download account that will download the 12.1 version and that should fix any issues. If they will not I can get someone to do it for you.


          Of course they would be asking you for the product code that is used to validate the install. but let us seen what happens tomorrow


          To test you can join the beta testers and then download 12.1 from the beta site and see if it works.This after you uninstall mcafee properly as per


          The beta site is



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