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    Why can't Security Center find updates?

      I am running Security Center 11.0 with Windows XP SP 3. Tonight I got an update message on another machine - with Windows 7 -  that has Security Center that there were updates but i had not gotten any message on the XP machine. I opened the Security Center on the XP machine and tried to manually download updates. I would get the whorling circle showing the program was looking for updates, but then the program would just stop - with a red X still showing by update and no message about updates being found . I finally uninstalled and reinstalled Security Center. When I try to see if there are updates, I just get the whorling circle again, but this time it does not stop spinning and the lights on my modem show that the program is not even looking. I realize that when I reinstalled I got the most recent updates, but shouldn't I get a message of some sort telling me that I have all the current updates?


      Earlier in the fall I went through the disappearing tray icon problem. That was finally solved, but I don't think I have been told there were updates ready to download for a while. I have the program set to look for updates automatically and notify me about them.

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          Peter M

          It's not uncommon for 2 machines to update at different times.  They could be linked to different servers at the McAfee end.


          The only thing that you need worry about it are the SecurityCenters saying that they are protecting you?


          You can tell that by simply opening it and you can check the version(s) by clicking 'About'.  


          Unless you've set the software to alert you about updates, they normally happen silently.


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            The problem was that my system was not protected. The one machine updating merely prompted me to check the XP machine. The Windows 7 machine getting the update notification merely made me notice that I had not received an update notification notice on the XP machine since at least October. Them not having updates at different times was not the issue. The issue is that the XP machine would not check for updates when I manually told it to.


            Security Center on the XP machine had a red X by Updates. The XP machine was set to check automatically for updates. When I tried to check manually for updates on the XP machine, that is when I encountered the problem. It looked like it was checking for updates for a few seconds, and then just stopped - the circle whorled for a second or two and then stopped. I received no notification that there were updates or that there were no updates. It just stopped and the red X was still by Updates.


            The issue was only settled - if it was settled - by a complete reinstall. I will not know if I can actually update until the next update comes out.


            What kind of software is this that makes me do an uninstall and reinstall to receive updates?

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              Peter M

              OK I understand now.    The XP one must have become corrupted somehow.  That can happen for all kiinds of reasons, use of registry cleaners, malware, the list goes on.


              If you right-click the taskbar icon and tell it to check for updates and it runs, even if it doesn't fetch one, then you know it's working OK.


              It doesn't make you uninstall/reinstall intentionally but that is often the best way of curing whatever ails it.  As I said, it must have become corrupted for whatever reason.


              If you ever have to do that again don't forget to run the MCPR cleanup tool (listed under Useful Links at the top of this page) after doing the normal Control Panel uninstall, then reboot and reinstall from the online account.


              That makes sure stray registry keys are removed.

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                The reply on the 18th did not answer my problem, but I was so frustrated that I just ignored it:


                "If you right-click the taskbar icon and tell it to check for updates and it runs, even if it doesn't fetch one, then you know it's working OK."


                The problem is that it is not running when I tell it to check for updates. It goes to the page like it is going to check for updates, then flashes back to the main screen, which still shows that there are updates available.


                The same thing happened this morning as happened on the 17th. I opened Security Center to check for updates. There was a red x showing updates where available - note that it did not notify me, I had to check manually. When I clicked to download the updates, it went to the update screen briefly, where the little circle was spinning [note: I was watching my modem when it was doing this: there was no activity to show that Security Center was accessing the internet], then went back to the previous screen, where there was a red x showing still. So, again, to make sure my program was updated, I had to uninstall - running the cleanup program [which was a pain to find - none of the links I could find on this site worked] - then reinstall. This is a real fun thing to do, since the download is one of the slowest I have ever seen [to make sure that I had not gotten a 'corrupted' version back on the 17th, I downloaded the program again].


                I ask the question I asked on the 18th again - what kind of software is this that only gives me updates when I reinstall?


                To sum up:

                1. I am not being notified that updates are available, even though I have set the program to do this. I have to check the program manually.

                2. When I try to update, nothing, I mean nothing happens - the program does not actually look for updates. The circle spins but the program is not actually looking.

                3. The only way to update the program seems to be to uninstall and reinstall - and if I don't download the latest version I still do not have updates.

                4. From what I have seen on the web, this is not an unusual problem.

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                  Peter M

                  Contact  Technical Support via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.  It's free by phone or online chat.