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    Problems with Thunderbird after latest upgrade


      Today I upgraded to the new version (the one with new GUI).


      I started having problems with thunderbird after this upgrade. Thunderbird slows down to the point where it is not usable at all, and showing a "not responding" text on the application continuously. I tried many options, even uninstalling thunderbird and installing it back. It was working perfectly during the morning, but this afternoon, once I restarted after the latest upgrade, problems appeared. 


      Then desperately I uninstalled McAfee Total Protection and problems went away.


      I tried installing back McAfee Total Protection, and problems arose again.


      Is this a problem of compatibility of the latest version with Thunderbird? What is your advice? It makes Thunderbird totally useless, and I wouldn't like to make the decision of uninstalling McAffee Total Protection permanently.


      Thank you.