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    Simple NAT question


      Hi all, Can the firewall use multiple IPs in the NAT space? Is it posible? Someone wants to navigate to intenet with a random range of IPs and does not make multiple rules for that.

      Tahnk you

      Mauricio Villaseñor

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          I think what you are looking for is like the NAT pool in Cisco terms. Unfortunately the firewall does not allow this. You would need to configure multiple outbound rules (or take advantage of a netmap which would map internal ip address to external).


          Just curious, is there an advantage to the customer NATting to multiple ip addresses?



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            Thank You. Thats correct we are replacing a Cisco FW.

            I understood they make a static route to other device that have an stupid rule where it blocks an IP when it see a lot of trafic from the same IP. =(