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    How do I see the results of a Virus Scan in Total Protection 2012?

      McAfee scans the computer. Reports it finds 1 virus, 3 Trojans and "fixes" the virus and trojans. That is the only report I can find. I would like to know WHAT virus and Trojans it found, where were they, and how were they fixed because every scan reports the same thing. Where is this information. I use to be able to see this detailed info in McAfee Internet Suite but since upgrading to Total Protection I can't find that report. If it fixes them every night and still reports finding them the next night then either McAfee isn't really fixing anything or I re-infect myself everyday. I'm not sure I re-infect myself as the computer is not in use on some days and STILL McAfee reports it finds 1 virus and 3 trojans every night.


      Please Help.