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    SIEM GTI Integration



      How GTI interface in ESM licensed? I mean if a customer asks to buy GTI in ESM what should we learn and what are the right question to ask to get the right licensing for the customer. How GTI in ESM licensed?



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          Chris Boldiston



          That question is best answered by you Sales Representative or Sales Engineer. If you do not have that information please let me know your contact information including location and I will get them to contact you.








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            Hi, I found that GTI is licensed per 'nodes'.




            A “Node” means any kind of device capable of processing data and includes any one of the following types of computer devices:

            mobile/smart phone, diskless workstations, personal computer workstations, networked computer workstations,

            homeworker/teleworker home-based systems, file and print servers, e-mail servers, Internet gateway devices, storage area

            network servers (SANS), terminal servers, or portable workstations connected or connecting to the server(s) or network. For

            purposes of further clarification, a blade server is defined as a single blade computing system inserted into a blade chassis. In

            the case of a virtual system, a hypervisor is considered to be a single node.


            So - as I understand, you should to count all devices on the customer's network, however (I am not 100% sure) maybe in this case you should to count only the devices that are "data sources". So - as Chris told before - we should to ask about this our SE or SR.



            Artur Sadownik

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              Thank you. That is the only way I think of to license it  as "per nodes" I will talk with my sales Rep about it. Thanks for all replies

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                you should to count all devices with IP address behind your firewall:


                “LicensedPer Live Host, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Enterprise Security ManagerModule is protecting the IPs behind

                the firewall.”




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                  What Artur said is correct information according to what I know. That's why last year, minimum license for GTI is 10,000 nodes.





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                    Thanks for all comments