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    Use A43 Utility function in EEtech WinPE V3 DVD RecoveryDisk


      One of my computer use EEPC fail to boot windows, so I use EETech WinPE V3 CD.


      When use EETech disk boot, i enter command follow EEtech guide and run EETech.exe file to open EETech scren


      I can authorized and authentication client system use this CD but I want copy file from my disk to Remove Store Disk before decrypt EEPC use EEtech WinPE V3 disk. I don't see  A43 Utility feature which has in EETech WinPE V1 disk to copy file


      I use EEPC 6.2.1 and EETech 6.2.1 disk


      So in EETech WinPE V3 has other features which in EETech WinPE V1? If yes, how can I use these features?