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    Reporting overview


      I'm looking for a way to generate some custom reports showing top x machines with vulnerabilites, with just a listing of the vulnerabilites.  I've been running reports for a few days now, and they all seem to be hundreds of pages in length.  I would like a high level report that only shows assets and the vulnerabilites.  thanks,

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          I created a vulnerability set, and then applied it to the custom report to pull just the vulnerabilities I wanted. It takes a few minutes to build, and there is a little trial and error, but that did the trick for me

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            John M Sopp

            I think one really decent way is to leverage excelcustom reports, and  the vulnerabilities.csv.


            Excel:tab 1-paste contents of the vulns.csv

            excel tab 2-pivot table with the system names as the source. adjacent columns searching "tab 1" for the number of occurences of each system name coupled with the risk level(using the countifs function)-this will give you system name, highs, mediums, lows for each system..and you can easily add another column to total

            Excel tab 3 if youre interested in getting affected system counts by for each vuln, you can do another pivot table with the vuln name from "tab 1" as the source. then add a column to count the number of occurrences of each vuln name in "tab 1"



            You can do this outside of excel too with scripting, use a custom built app, or there are also some vendor solutions that can help.

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              Hey John,  I appreciate the contribution...  I have not messed with pivot tables in several years, and franky the product should provide top x canned reports out of the box. We should not have to go through all this effort to accomplish something that seems so basic.

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                I have found the most efficient and modular approach to obtain data from MVM is via writing your own SQL queries. It provides a much simpler facility for dynamically pulling the data you want - I do it in VBA so results come straight into Excel formatted however I desire.If you want reporting customized to your needs read the database schema and starting writing SQL queries !


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