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    MBR \ Preboot file system

      So i just have a few questions on how this works.


      In a normal Windows 7 layout, if there was a mbr problem and windows couldnt boot you could use many winpe environments, or a windows cd to perform FixBoot \ FixFbr and Bootrec switches to get the system booting again.


      Now with EE when the system has encryption, it replaces that mbr with a special encrypted mbr correct? If that MBR is corrputed or get broken, the system will not boot. In this case how would one JUST restore the encrypted MBR? Im assuming if you unlock the drive in a WinPE environement you cant use windows MBR commands to get the system back booting because it needs to be Endpoints Encrypted special mbr correct? Is there a way to restore that?




      Second question, when you get errors about invalid preboot filesystem when trying token authentication, that means again, the mbr portion of the encryption is broke correct?