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    AntiVirus Plus 2013 - not updating



      I recently bought last Dec 2012 a couple of AntiVirus Plus 2013 for my home desktop and laptop.


      Deinstallation of the old AVP2012 and installation of the 2013 went without a hitch (for some reason, buying a boxed CD is cheaper than renewing online ).


      However, I noticed that after a couple of days, the "Your computer is at risk" message popped out for both desktop and laptop.  Tried manual updating (even the auto update is on), it will turn green and indicate my "program is up to date" but will turn back to red after a couple of minutes.  Checked the latest update date and it is stuck at 12/28/2012.  Ran MVT, did not help.


      My desktop PC is running on Win Vista.  My laptop is running Win 7 64bit.


      Any help is appreciated.  Tried searching the discussions but could not find any relevant info, thus this post.


      Below are some screen shots from the laptop and similar issue with my desktop.


      The error message (internet is ok)


      Last update: 12/28/2012


      After trying the manual update...


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          Peter M

          Yes it pays to shop around usually.   You can turn  off the auto-renewal on your account page if necessary.


          That's Windows 7 SP1 I trust?   Also do you have IE9 installed?  It doesn't have to be your default browser but McAfee uses it.


          Check also your system clock for accuracy.


          Run the Virtual Technician to see if it can fix the problem:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          if not then it's possible the old software wasn't all removed so uninstall everything via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program


          Then run the MCPR Cleanup Tool and reboot.


          Reinstall from your online account.

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            Thanks Peter that one worked.


            To answer your other queries:  Yes, it is Win7 SP1 and IE9.  System clock is also accurate (I'm currently in MY).


            Running MVT did not help also (did not also help in the previous run).


            Uninstalling it and running the MCPR cleanup helped.  I was surprised that the interface is now different


            Thanks again.


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              Peter M

              Glad that helped.  Yes the new interface is the redesign specifically for touch screens and Windows 8 and came along with the 12.1 upgrade.  You'd be surprised how many people don't like it.  


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