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    Enable Proxy Control/Header.RemoveAll


      If multiple instances of Enable Proxy Control exist in the configuration, how does MWG handle that?


      For example, at top of rule set, I have:


      Remove Via and X-Forwarded-For, Always, Continue with Events:


      Enable Proxy Control<Disable Via Header> -- set to disable the Via header



      Later on in the rule set I have:


      Enable Extended Timeout,URL.Destination.IP is in range list Extended Timeout, Continue, Enable Proxy Control<Extended Timeout>


      In this particular example, the easiest solution is to disable the Via header in the second Proxy Control instance, but I'm curious as to how MWG would process the logic.

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          MWG basically sets flags. A request comes in and is put into the Rule Engine and with the Proxy Control settings you change flags for your request. When the request passed the Rule Engine these flags are respected by proxy which does the outgoing connection. So basically the last change of a setting will be valid, e.g. if you turn off via Headers at the beginning of your policy and turn it on again at the end of the policy the proxy will only see that Via headers have been turned on in the Rule Engine and respect that when creating the outgoing connection.