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    command line interface for disabling HIPS 8.0.0 Firewall ?


      I have Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0.0 installed using Win 7 64-bit.


      I have Parasoft c++test (a unit test IDE which is a Eclipse-based tool) trying  to connect to its license server to obtain license.


      But HIP is preventing the client (C++test) reaching its license server.


      I have to open Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0.0, then under Task/Unlock User Interface I will have to type in the password. After that, under the Firewall Policy tab, I need to uncheck the Enabled button, then the connection between c++test and the license server is sucessful and it can obtain the license.


      I have a couple of questions,


      1. Instead of using the HIPS, can I use any command on the command line (DOS window) to disable the firewall? I want to write a batch file to disable the firewall as well as opening the Parasoft c++test client, without opening the HIPS gui to do those chores.


      2. How could I tackle the issue that HIPS is blocking the c++test connecting to its server?


      Thank you!