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    Usage of via string from Header


      Dear All,


      since long time we are using the via string from the header within a rule to make a  decision within a rule.

      It was implemented with version 7.1.6


      Now we started to use

      And now we can't use more the via string.


      Here an example how we have implemented it in a rule:

      Header.Request.Get("via") matches **


      Also if we try to show the via string in a block message now the value is empty.


      Does somebody have a solution for this?





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          I do not see that behaviour on my

          I have a rule that blocks on this criteria:

            Header.Request.Get ("Via") matches **


          And when i forward from another proxy with that IP address, it blocks as it should.


          This rule is at the top in only the request cycle, then i have another rule below that in the request/response cycle that removes the Via header as it goes out to the internet.


          i don't know why it wouldn't work for you.

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            thanks for the answer.

            To specify this here some more information.

            I can see the via information for a normal request but I can't see the via information in context with "next hop proxy".

            So I have open a case at McAfee. Let see what they can find out.