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    MOVE OSS Active / Active?




      We are using MOVE Multi-Platform and our clients are reporting that the MOVE OSS servers are in an active / standby configuration.


      Is it possible to configure MOVE to work in an active / active configuration to make the best use of all MOVE OSS VM's?





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          The policy is designed to use a primary and a backup. You can use DNS alias to create a round robin of all the MOVE servers if you want to. That requires MOVE AV 2.6 because prior to that you can only put in IP addresses.

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            I'm considering having one OSS per ESX host.  To make it easy to configure failover, I was considering the option of using the ESX-local OSS as the primary by IP, but creating an alias for the backup.  As each new OSS comes online, I'd add it to the backup OSS DNS alias.  But theres a case I'm concerned about:  The OSS on ESXa dies, and of course that's the one being given out by DNS.  I figure I can set a really short TTL for the OSS CNAME, but will this help/work?  Or will there be no subsequent attemtps to contact the backup OSS (i.e. it tries primary, tries backup, then gives up permanently)?