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    Upgrade from to 8.1.1 - Encountered error


      I'm currently doing firmware upgrade to 8.1.1 but encountered error while following this instruction. I followed to use "directory on the firewall using SCP". Please need your help to fix this issue. Please refer on the attached error.


      If your firewall is not connected to the Internet, use a web browser to download the package, then

      manually load the package on the firewall.

      1 Use a web browser to download the 8.1.1 package.

      a Go to go.mcafee.com/goto/updates.

      b Scroll down to the McAfee Firewall Enterprise Upgrades and Patches entry for version 8.1.1, then

      click Download.

      c Enter a valid Firewall Enterprise serial number, then click Submit.

      d Click Download Patch for version 8.1.1.

      2 Place the 8.1.1 file where the firewall can access it. Choose one of these options:

      • Local FTP site — Place the package on an FTP site that the firewall has access to.

      • HTTPS website — Place the package on an HTTPS website that the firewall has access to.

      • CD — Place the package in a /packages directory on a CD, then insert the CD into the firewall

      CD-ROM drive.

      • Directory on the firewall — Use SCP to copy the package to the /home directory of your firewall

      administrator account.

      Note: To transfer files to the firewall using SCP, SSH access must be enabled on the firewall.

      3 In the Admin Console, go to Maintenance | Software Management, then click the Download

      Packages tab. The Download Packages tab appears.

      Tip: For option descriptions, click Help.

      4 Click Perform Manual Load Now. The Manual Load window appears.

      5 Specify where the 8.1.1 package is stored.

      a From the Load packages from drop-down list, select the appropriate method to load the package.

      • FTP — Select if you placed the package on a local FTP site

      • HTTPS — Select if you placed the package on an HTTPS website

      • CDROM — Select if you created a CD that contains the package

      • File — Select if you copied the package to your home directory on the firewall

      b In the Packages field, type 8.1.1.

      c Complete the remaining fields as appropriate.

      d Click OK. A confirmation message appears.

      6 Click Yes. The firewall loads the package from the specified location. When the operation is complete,

      a message appears.

      7 Click OK.

      8 Verify that 8.1.1 is loaded on your firewall.

      a Click the Manage Packages tab.

      b Verify that the Status of the 8.1.1 package is Loaded on <date>

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          This error is appearing because the Firewall's support license has expired.


          You will be able to see this by going to the Maintenance -> License screen on the Firewall.


          If your organisation has renewed maintenance with your reseller and you have a current McAfee grant letter to confirm this then all you need to do is to click on the Activate Firewall button on this GUI screen. The Firewall will connect back to McAfee and will download a new activation key which will include the Support entitlement.


          If the appliance is not connected directly to the Internet you can relicense it manually by going to the following link:-




          -complete the form and download the license file. You will then be able to apply it to the appliance using the Import Key option.


          Until such time that you have a valid support license on the appliance, you will not be able to apply any patches to it.